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How To Control Pests And Plant Diseases

We all wanted a healthy and beautiful garden, but most of the time, our hard work for a bountiful harvest are hindered by these pesky pests and plant diseases.These pests are attracted to leafy and healthy plants.That means your healthy garden is prone to infestations too. You need to be aware of how to control these annoying little organisms.

Identify the enemy

Not all insects are harmful or consideredas pests. Just because you see a small insect resting in a leaf, doesn’t mean it’s already damaging the plant. Don’t kill it until you’re sure that it’s harmful to your garden. Some insects are can actually be helpful to you and are can be a great help in your garden maintenance Merimbula. It can be a pollinator or a predator of other insects that are the actual pest. Thoroughly check if there are insects of the same kind, or any damaged leaves, or any chew marks, holes, and dots in the leaves. Identifying the real enemy isn’t actually difficult, because only limited number of pests attacks any particular crop and each of these pests does a characteristic damage. Examples of helpful garden insects are the praying mantis and ladybugs that eat other pesky insects.

Choosing the right treatment

If they’re small and aren’t too many, you can easily pick them off and drown them on salty water. Another easier way to treat harmful insect infestation is through spraying, especially if the insects are too small, too numerous, and too quick to catch. You can go to your local gardener’s center that offers environment-friendly pest spray. So, you don’t have to use strong chemicals for your garden that may have an adverse effect on the soil or plant. Before using any pesticide, make sure to read and study the labels very well. There are certain types of pesticides that should be handled with care. Follow the instructions of the proper application to achieve the best results.


The best step in controlling pests or plant disease is prevention. For example, before any pest infestation happens, it is better to have a regular pesticide spray. If you happen to have a large farm of fruit-bearing trees, it is harder and more difficult to resolve. Sometimes, when the infestation is so severe and is beyond repair, tree removal is the last resort. It will be a very big loss. Thus, prevention is waybetter than cure. Don’t wait for the time that all your hard work and investment will be wasted just because of these tiny, pesky insects.Remember these simple ways to control pests and diseases in plants. Insects that are harmful to plants are everywhere. Take good care of your little farm or garden. It took you a lot of time, work, and money to create it. Don’t let these tiny bunches of insects put it to waste.

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