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Why You Should Buy Bamboo Toilet Paper For New-borns

New-borns are sensitive we all agree and they require special care and protection that differ from adults. New-borns are much more open to all the harshness and hardships and may feel these things ten times more than they really are. Everyone will agree that their children deserve only the best and they thrive to provide them with all the luxuries of life. When it comes to toilet papers many people advise to use wet wipes for babies but doctors now recommend against it due to some latest research. The wet wipes previously used and preferred by mothers are now taking a back seat and new product has gained much popularity these days. Most of the parents now prefer to buy biodegradable tissue paper over wet wipes for their New-borns, infants, and toddlers.

If you don’t know much about bamboo toilet paper and are unfamiliar with what it stays tuned to this article as you will get to know about them. It is a new miracle product that has been very well received by the masses and its demand is on the rise with every passing day. It is deemed to be a miracle product due to its benefits and advantages. Virtually you cannot differ between a regular toilet paper and a regular one but once you touch the bamboo toilet paper you will notice the difference in the first touch. If you buy bamboo toilet paper you are in for a luxurious experience that can make just the right impact on your life. It is extremely soft and feather-like textured that it almost feels silky. Having a silky texture is the main reason it is recommended for New-borns use as it absolutely does not agitate the skin or rash of any sorts. The baby cannot even feel the toilet paper on their skin let alone that it can be harsh.

Apart from being soft and silky another reason for its popularity is that it is highly absorbent as well. It is said to absorb up to three times more water than the regular toilet paper. As you know bamboo plant grows in water and is able to hold water three times more than its actual weight, so this bamboo quality has been transferred to its toilet paper as well. Being more absorbent means that you will require less toilet paper and which will result in less consumption of the product and save your money in the long run. If you decide on making a switch to buy bamboo toilet paper from regular toilet paper then be happy that you are also contributing your part in making the earth clean and green. Bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly and easily recycled after use. As it is made from bamboo shoots and bamboo plants it does not harm any trees or plants that are crucial for our environment. This might be a small change but it does have long-lasting effects on our planet and environment both.

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