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The Importance Of Law And Order In The Society

According to Charles Darwin, humans are also an animal species that have been evolved over time. Therefore we cannot completely reject the idea that to a certain extent all humans have certain animal instincts in them. Hence the enforcement of law and order in the society is crucial for the peaceful and equitable living among men. Law and order is symbolized universally by the icon of a blindfolded lady holding a scale to impel the thought of equity and impersonality. Law should be common to all citizens of a particular country. It has to be just and fair to the poor and the rich and to the nobles and the common all the same. The law prevailing in a society protects its citizens from violence, damages, corruption, and abuse and safeguards the right to privacy, right to speak up and the right to be independent .

Law is mainly divided into two branches as criminal law and civil law. Criminal law deals with any offence that is made against the state such as murder and theft whereas civil law deals with any offence made against a fellow civilian. The legal system is comprised with three main pillars; namely the judiciary, the legislature and the executive. The legislature is the parliament of a country which includes representatives of the general public and where the rules of a society are formed. The judiciary is usually the courts; Supreme Court, high courts, magistrates courts that make judgments regarding the breach of law by any civilians. The executive is the head of the state that enacts the laws of a societysee this for private investigation service.

Any individual can defend themselves against any accusation done in his name or file a legal case against anybody who offended him in any way. There are law firms and litigation support firms that offer numerous amounts of services to their clients. Not any individual can talk in the presence of a judge or a jury. Consultation of a lawyer is necessary and supportive. The fields of law have a vast scope such as contract law, property law, civil law, tort law and constitutional and administrative law. 

In the modern day society our lives are very much entangled with the law and it is crucial to have at least a faint knowledge of the law and order in the society. Not knowing the law does not make you innocent in any way once a crime is committed. Litigation support firms and law firms assist lawyers as well as other individuals and provide legal advice and prepare necessary legal documentation.

Law encourages the citizens to do the right thing. It stimulates fear of crimes and unruly acts of men. Law defends individuals from evil, promotes common well being, resolves disputes and initiates equity and harmony in the society. If observed closely it can be identified that the most developed countries with low crime rates are those that have strong law enforcements in the society. The law should not be limited to the books. Initiation of law at the correct place and time fairly and equally is the key to the success of a nation.


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