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Personalising Your Rented Workspace

When it comes to running a business, not everyone can afford to buy a space out and there is nothing wrong with that. However, renting spaces can mean that your choices are limited and rather uniform. Entertaining clients and other guests will be a part of your routine so you have to think of ways in which you can add the company touch so that they will be exposed to branding to some effect. Depending on how big your space is as well as how many segregated areas are present, you can plan your interior designing accordingly. Here are a few ideas to better your rented workspace.

RECEPTIONAlso referred to as the welcome area, this is quite important in a serviced office as it is what gives a visitor the first impression of your company. As much as the décor and setup is important it is also just as important to ensure there is someone pleasant and attentive positioned there. Lethargic, unenthusiastic receptionists can really affect one’s view of the company often discouraging them from ever returning again. You could try setup a few plants to help soften the harsh look of technologywhilst also perhaps placing any awards and plaques you may have won on the walls, click here for more details. 

MEETING ROOMSAlthough these need to be professional, you can still opt for a plant here as well if you wish. More importantly however, this is your chance to place company branded items such as pens, notebooks and mugs. This gives it a personal touch, and will feel like you have gone the extra mile to make the workspace feel like it is not just rented, but is in every aspect a part of the company.

DÉCOR Of course if yours is a more creative field, you can have a bit more fun with everything. You could put up some funky posters for instance as well as inspirational quotes or even a noticeboard with pictures of company events and other gatherings. A serviced office does not need to be a boring office. Encourage your employees to bring in pictures of their loved ones if they wish and put them up. These little gestures can go a long way in improving productivity as well as improving employee satisfaction.

CHANGE IT UPEvery now and then, change the setup as it can be dull to deal with the same setup on a daily basis. Perhaps space constraints may limit you from being too adventurous, but that is okay; work with what you have. Changing the colour scheme or even just moving a few plants from one spot to another can make a big difference. What matters is mental stimulation as the human mind thrives on creativity so we need to give it a helping hand. Remember to experiment, and do not be afraid to try new things.

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