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Best Cloud Computing Service Providers Of 2015

Depending on how you would like to run your business you can be favouring the manual book type records or the internal service and internet based server record keeping. So in the age of technology it has become something of a must to garner more convenience and increased productivity by switching over to platforms such as Cloud which enables effortless record keeping and storage.

●    CloudSigma

This has all three types of Cloud, hybrid, private and public platforms available for businesses. Available on KVM and with a full instructions and a manual for CPU setup and flexible provisioning of CPUs has made this virtualization option a business favourite. Cloud ERP solutions can be integrated to this server. The flexibility of the operating system options and then also customizability of images, storage hardware encryption layers, CPU RAM and Storage decoupling has added onto the advantages of using CloudSigma.  

●    Windows Azure

Only available in private cloud form, this is favoured by companies who run sensitive and important data on their servers daily. The storage capacity and the technical help capacity of Azure is more than those of other companies. Customers of notable fame using Azure are Toyota, Milliman, BMW, Xerox, CloudRunner, Icertis, Pearson, EasyJet, 3M and Next Generation Sports Network. Available in Net, Java, Node, PHP, Python and Ruby runtimes the base plan’s pricing starts at $0.02 per hour for usage. Subscription options of hourly and monthly and fixed rates of pay-as-you-go are added plus points of Azure. For cloud ERP solutions using this server would be ideal.

●    EngineYard

This PaaS can be deployed only as a public cloud but it also goes by the pay as you go method with hourly, monthly and fixed rates of payment available for customers. The basic plan of $0.04 per hour gives you disk space of around 160GB, Ram of around 1740 and a single virtual CPU core for usage.

●    Amazon Web Services

By the giant Amazon this cloud service is an IaaS which can be deployed as either hybrid, private or a public cloud. The notable customers who have purchased this service include Unilever, Finra, Novartis, Netflix, Reddit, Sunpower, Lionsgate, Rovio, Ubisoft, Siemens, Conde Nast and Claritas Genomics. Features included in this service as storage on cloud, server deployments, direct connections, DNS management option, flexibility of storage, storage blocking options and usage of a database as a service.

Depending on which industry you are involved in, what sized business you are running, how far you would like your business to grow and the reason you would like to have a companywide server, you can get professional help to decide which company to receive the ERP software Australia from, get more info.

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